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I Dance

I Choreograph

I Teach

I am a Dancer, Actress, Educator, Choreographer, and Screendance artist. I use my choreography to investigate social commentary while advocating for liberation and alternative narratives. A Black American Southern Belle gone rogue, raptured in protest, my dance is activism.

I achieved my MFA in dance choreography from the University of Michigan and earned a BFA in Dance Performance and Dance in Medicine certification from the University of Florida.

I am enlightened by the cycle of reciprocity ingrained in performance as research, community partnership, and performing arts education. 

​Influenced by my community and academic investigations of dance, performance, and ritual–I identify as a post-modern choreographer. I generate my movement from experience, abstracting and juxtaposing my training in Liturgical dance, Modern, Jazz, Stiletto Funk, Ballet, Contact Improvisation, HBCU Marching Auxiliary Technique, Hip Hop, Stepping, West African Rhythms, Contemporary, Afro-Caribbean Motifs, Vogue, Chinese Fan, Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Katherine Dunham technique.

My pedagogy is curated to promote efficiency and longevity in dance practice and performance. I am dedicated to creative practice and arts advocacy. I use storytelling and metaphor to stimulate self-investigation. By centering joy in every movement experience, I seek to cultivate learning spaces that foster resilience and total body integration. I use embodied practice to encourage my students and collaborators to refocus and reconnect the breath cycle to the life center/pelvic floor.

I Dance For Life  

I Dance For Healing

My Dance is Life

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